Yoga & Dance

Ahhh wow. Yoga & Dance have changed my life. They are my grounding and healing tools. They allow me to unlock blocked energies and tensions in my body. To explore my Shadow and my Light.

I still feel vulnerable sharing my dances, but I thought important to share them here, through Youtube videos, since they are a big part of my life.

I did ballet for many years, but the dance I now practice is more free. It is a communion with my body. It is a way to express myself. To express my stories I often repress.

I am learning to let my body speak. I am learning to acknowledge my judgements and fears when they arise and I dance them to let them go. I replace them with power, love and gratitude.

Our body is our home. We must gain back our freedom to move as we wish.

We must come home into our body to feel. Feel what is inside. Feel our life journey through it.

Whether we look crazy, angry, sexy or stupid... These things don't matter. We have so many layers, and “looking good” or “feeling accepted” shouldn't prevent us from expressing them.

What counts is to accept ourselves, accept our entire being.

I believe in us. Let's breathe and FEEL.

Let's move our energy through our body, our sacred vessel.

If you are interested in doing a yoga teacher training, please check the work of my wonderful teachers: Adya & Velan. They are pure magic.

Yoga and “Ecstatic dance” are my magical tools to heal, ground & center. My prayer is for everyone to find their own nourishing practice. May my dances serve as an inspiration to find yours.

May we all take care of ourselves and nurture ourselves.

Love & Blessings,

✨ 🙏 🌸

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